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File Structure

The template package you downloaded is divided into several folders. Let's take a look at what's in each folder:

    Screenshots -   contains template screenshot. Not for production.

  • theme -contains wordpress theme files
  • "kindergarten-education-pro-1.0 zip" -This folder contains all of the files required for the theme.
  • "license.txt" -contains license details
  • "readme.txt" -contain information about the theme's image path, font usage, and script usage

BWT Key Activation

The BWT Key Activation procedure is as follows.

As soon as you receive the License Key, Email, use that key to Activate License.

Follow the following Process to Activate License.

Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >>BWT Key Activation>>Enter Key>>Save Changes.

After Entering The Key >> Activate Licence.

After you Activate Licence,The key will be activated, and you will be able to begin using the theme.

This allows you to activate your Licence Key.

Template Installation

The installation of a template is a simple process. There are two methods for installing the software.

1-Using WordPress admin, install a theme.

The first step is to log in to your WordPress admin area. After that, click on

1.Go to the menu Appearance >> Themes

2. Once you've arrived at the themes page, click the Add New button at the top.

3. Click on upload theme button.

4. Click the Browse button, then choose your bwt-multipurpose-blog theme, and then click the Install Now button.

5. WordPress will now install your theme and display a success message, as well as a link to activate or view the live preview.

Congratulations, your theme has been installed successfully.

Demo Importer

Import demonstration content with a single click to get your theme up and running. This content will walk you through the process of creating a website.

Install all required components before running Importer. Plugins

1. Go to the Dashboard >>Appearance >> Get Started

Click on "Demo Content Importer" and then "Run Importer".

How to set up Home Page

Setup "Home page".

Create Page to set template:Go to Dashboard >> Pages >> Add New Page.

Label it "home" or whatever you want. Then, from the template dropdown, select "home-page."

Set the front page:Go to Setting -> Reading --> Set the post page display static page to home page

When you're finished, you'll be able to see all of the demo content on the front page.

Creating a Blog post

  1. Access your WordPress Administration Panel by logging in (Dashboard).
  2. Click the Posts tab.
  3. Click the Add New tab.
  4. Type in your post content.


For Testimonials-Shortcode --> [testimonials] - used to display testimonial page.
For Services-Shortcode --> [list-services] - used to display Services.
For Classes-Shortcode--> [classes] - used to display Classes.
For Events-Shortcode--> [events] - used to display Events.
For Teachers-Shortcode-->[teachers] - used to display Teachers.


Additional Theme Addons

 How to Setup Additional Theme Addons
  1. The plugin must first be downloaded from the source (it will be available as a zip file named and Then, click the Plugins » Add New page in the WordPress admin area.
  2. Then, select the Upload Plugin button located at the top of the page.
  3. You'll arrive at the plugin upload page after doing this. Next, you must select the plugin file you already downloaded to your computer by clicking the choose file option.
  4. After choosing the file, you must select the install now option.
  5. The plugin file from your computer will now be uploaded to WordPress, where it will be installed. After installation is complete, a notice like this will appear.
  6. To use the plugin after installation, click the link that says "Activate Plugin."
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